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« Beau et envoûtant »
Le Monde

« une rêverie, inédite »

« C’est comme si le producteur avait séquencé l’ADN du maloya et replanté ses racines dans un rêve sensible et mystérieux » 
4 clés ƒƒƒƒ Télérama

« Labelle forge une œuvre essentielle : un langage neuf et réjouissant »
RFI Musique



« Maloya electronics of Labelle lives at first as an experience, an accelerator of imagination. Either sung or either declaimed, in the tradition of fonnkèrs from Réunion Island, rhythmical, electronic or more experimental, he is constantly surprising by his capacity to pull atmospheres and by the introspection which he generates.

Resolutely syncretic, the universe of Labelle unites Maloya (from Réunion traditional music) and electronics, colored with Indian and African touches, to give birth to a new shape flirting with the universality.

On stage, Labelle lives in its music and invites the public in the meditative depth, in the dance, even in the trance.»

I.K. 2013.


Prizewinner of "Prix Musiques de l'Océan Indien" 2015-2016

- "Best Artist Pop Rock Électro" and "Best Music Vidéo" at Les Voix de l'Océan Indien 2014

Principal events

- Nuits de Fourvière @ Odéon, Lyon, 2017.

- Rio Loco @ Toulouse, 2017.

- Francofolies @ La Sirène, La Rochelle, 2016.

- Visa For Music @ Rabat, Morocco, 2016.

- Atlantic Music Expo @ Praia, Cabo Verde, 2016.

- Babel Med Music @ Les Docks des Suds, Marseille, 2016.

- 37ème Rencontres Trans Musicales @ l’Air Libre, Rennes, 2015.

- Nuits Sonores @ HALLE 3, Ancien marché de gros, Lyon, 2014.

- Clandestino Festival @ Göteborg, Sweden, 2014.

- 35ème Rencontres Trans Musicales @ HALL 9, Parc Expo, Rennes, 2013.

- Sonar Kollektiv Festival '13 - Reunion @ Volksbühne, Berlin, 2013.

- Southern Africa Tour 2014 and 2013 @ Cape Town, Prétoria, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg, Maseru (Lesotho), Gaborone (Botswana), Mbabane (Swaziland) Maputo (Mozambique).

- Électropicales @ Le Sucre, Lyon 2013.

- MaMA Event @ CMFGO, Paris, 2013.

- Electroni[k] @ Jardin Moderne, Rennes, 2012.

- Öarna project @ Änge, Sweden, 2011.

- Unmapped festival @ Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, 2011.

- 32èmes Rencontres Trans Musicales @ Green Room, HALL 4, Parc Expo, Rennes, 2010.

More than 150 events in France and abroad.


Labelle "univers-île" 
2nd solo album 
InFiné, 2017.

Vinyl, CD & Digital : InFiné

Art Melody "Moogho" 
creation of the piece Na Kiend Songo
Tentacule Records / Akwaaba Music, 2015.

Digital : Akwaaba Music / Tentacule Records

KAANG "Kaang" 
EP with Hlasko, 
Eumolpe Records, 2015.

Pack Vinyl + CD :
Eumolpe Records

Aron Ottignon "Starfish EP"
remix of the piece Rivers,
A.Ottignon/Universal, 2015.

CD : Discogs

Yakaza "Gen Remix EP"
remix of the piece Çiğ,
CrossPoint (Japan), 2014.

Vinyl & Digital : 
Crosspoint/NXS Records

Yakaza "Gen"
remix of the piece Çiğ,
A.K. Müzik (Turkey), 2014.

CD & Digital : Yakaza

Labelle "Ensemble" 
1st solo album, 
Eumople Records, 2013.

CD : Eumolpe Records, Fnac
Digital : iTunes, Qobuz (24 bits)

Thraces "Thraces"
Collective creation,
Eumolpe Records, 2012.

Vinyl : Eumolpe Records

Collectives & bands


Electronic duo with the singer Hlasko from South African. Kaang fuses Bushmen, Sesotho, Reunion traditional and sacred music with future sounds. 1st EP released in May 2015.


Eumolpe Records : Adventurous music for Adventurous people. Record label based in Saint-Denis (Réunion), Rennes and Paris, France.

Eumolpe Records Online Shop/Facebook 


Music collective founded in Paris and active since 2007. Dedicated to exploring new forms of musical writing and improvisation.


Experimental electronic orchestra with Arley, Micro Echo, Pavane, T.O.M.Avastars and the visual artist Mioshe. Thraces EP released in 2012.

 Facebook/Eumolpe Records

Musical creations for live performances with other media


solo performance of Didier Boutiana. Conception and Choreographer Didier Boutiana. Produced by Soul City. 2017.

ciné-concert (movie-concert) based on the original movie of Mani kaul (1973). With the collaboration of the indian slide-guitarist Prakash Sontakke. Directed By Camille Touzé. Produced by Constellation. 2016.

"Priyèr' Sï Priyèr'"
shows a quest towards the sacred by using rite. The body, uses as a way to talk, answers to the intention. It is thought, built, defined by a number of values, codes and submitted to different ways of organisations. Conception and Choreographer Didier Boutiana. Produced by Soul City. 2015.

"Fragment d'un discours lumineux"
special improvised trio performance with the dancers Eric Languet and Wilson Payet. Directed by Eric Languet. Produced by Danses en l'R Compagnie. 2014.

"Trois tambours, un lion"
ciné-concert (movie-concert) based on Jean-Rouch movies. With the collaboration of the visual artist Christelle Enault. Directed By Camille Touzé. Produced by Constellation. 2013.

Artwork "univers-île" by Kid Kreol & Boogie // Videoclip "Benoîte" and vidéoclip "Lait Sacré" by PixelDealer and  Kid Kreol & Boogie

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